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AutoPKG storage on external drive

Ran into a quick problem that I thought I’d quickly blog about.

AutoPKG’s data folders are all sitting on an external drive. First off, “Ignore ownership on this volume” was checked off, and AutoPKG doesn’t like that. That was a first for me, I’ve always had AutoPKG running on the internal drive. I turned that on, gave myself ownership and read & write and then propagated permissions down.

On the next run I got:

Error in local.munki.Zoom: Processor: PkgCreator: Error: Coudln't copy pkgroot from /Volumes/path/to/Cache/local.munki.Zoom/Zoom to /tmp/pathto/Zoom: ditto /Volumes/path/to/Cache/local.munki.Zoom/Zoom/.: Operation not permitted

Got some quick help from MacAdmins #AutoPKG channel. Suggested I give python full disk access.

That solved the problem.

Python was already in the PPPC panel for Full Disk Access, so I checked it off, but if someone needs to find AutoPKG’s python, at time of writing, it lives at /Library/AutoPkg/Python3/Python.framework/Versions/3.7/bin/python3.7


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